Outbound Links And SEO

Outbound LinksAn outbound link is basically a link that you place on your website that directs traffic to another website. While emphasis is usually placed on inbound links when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) outbound links to quality websites can greatly help your ranking with search engines.

Outbound links are definitely one of the criteria considered when determining the ranking of a website. They may not be as important as the URLs or meta tags for example but they are still worth looking into. There are four main pieces of advice that you should take into account when putting outbound links on your websites.

You should never place too many outbound links as search engine generally do not support this tactic. You also need to make sure that the websites that you link to are relevant and quality websites. You should look for websites that have the same niche market and audience as you do. It is also important that you use relevant anchor text when linking to the website. This anchor text can help both your website and the website to which you linking when it comes to search engines.  Where ever possible you should also try to rank to high ranking websites.

Other Reasons To Use Outbound Links

There are reasons other than Search Engine Optimization why outbound links can be a good addition to your website. The first reason would be reader satisfaction. The impact that your outbound links have on your readers is very important. Readers should feel as if they are getting quality and interesting information.  The theory here is that if you provide your readers with quality content on your website and then still refer to other sites that can further enrich their experience then they will keep coming back to your website for more.

Another reasons why outbound links can be beneficial is that it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with other bloggers and Websters in your niche. Also, linking out to other websites can give your readers the impression that you have expertise and know exactly what is happening in that particular niche.

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